General Guidelines

General Guidelines

1. All the course materials (hand notes, quiz questions, video) are confidential and copyrighted. Only the one with the name he/she has registered is allowed to use it and to keep a copy of it to himself/herself. So distributing any course materials to anyone else is totally illegal and for that action he/she will be held accountable.

2. Nowhere in Canvas or Zoom, a student is allowed to use his /her picture or name. To introduce him/herself he/she will have to use his/her student’s ID.

3. All tests and exams are closed book. Students should not refer to books or notes while attempting the tests.

4. Faculty is not permitted to reveal the correct answers to the module tests. Please do not ask or email your faculty with requests for correct answers. Any email or question in this regard will not be entertained under any circumstances. Student who has made a mistake in his/her module test should go over the text or video recording to find the correct responses. Correction done on one’s own is more beneficial and lasting, in sha Allah.

5. To cover the test related to every module one will get 7 days. But our recommendation is to complete the module and sit for the test before next the module’s class is conducted. Because the grammatical concepts of previous class will be required to understand the contents of next class. Thus one will be able to keep pace with the course easily. Following this procedure one should complete a module within 3/4 days. The extra time is to give him/her benefit if he/she is unable to compete it with that time for any difficulty.

6. If in any module there have assignment, one will have to submit it within 7 days from when it will be opened.

7. For any valid reasons if one miss module test/assignment, he/she will be able to make a request to open that test/assignment. If his/her request is accepted, he/she will get 7 days to complete it from when it is opened. Upon accepting the request he/she will be informed though canvas inbox. 

After siting for test if one unable to submit it for issues like electricity problem etc., he/she will also be able to make request though the form.

In the form there have attachment opportunity. If one have documents (like medical report, screenshot) which will justify his/her reasons, he/she can submit it to strengthen his/her request.

Here the important note is “with valid reasons one will be able to make total 5 times module test’s request and 3 time assignment’s request”. After that his/her request won’t be accepted.

Note: Assignments/module tests’ requests which will be submitted before mid will be opened two/three weeks before mid and those of after mid will be opened two/three weeks before final exam. Students will be informed in canvas inbox when assignments/module tests will be opened.

8. For every assignment student will get message in canvas after the completion of assessment, insha Allah. It may take 3/4 weeks to complete the assessment after the deadline of submission. So from the submission of any assignment to the assessment of it students will have to wait patiently.

9. It’s a student’s utmost duty to behave with course instructor(s) and other batch mates with proper etiquettes and manners everywhere in learning places and communication groups (fb, WhatsApp)

10. In final result,

  • From the marks of all the module test 15% of it will be carried.
  • Assignments are of two types – module assignments (which are assigned in modules) and term assignment (in every term there have one master assignment)

From the marks of all the module assignments 5% of it will be carried.

From the marks term assignments 10% of it will be carried.

  • From the marks of mid-term exam 30% of it will be carried.
  • From the marks of final exam 40% of it will be carried.

Thus term final result will be prepared out of 100 marks.

11. The minimum requirement for a student to successfully complete any term is 60% marks which includes the final exam score. If a student scores 60% in a term without attempting the final exam then he/she will be given a fail grade because no term will be considered as completed without the final exam. Those who will fail will be able to sit for retake.

Retake procedure

In retake one will have to sit for mid-term and final exam again. Thus 70% of his/her previous marks will be cancelled and the new marks will be added. The reaming 30% marks from module tests and assignments will be carried to make his/her improved final result.

Process to sit for retake follows –

  • First one will have to make an application to the department  and inform it to the course instructor within one month of beginning of the semester in which he/she want to sit for the exams.
  • After accepting his application, he/she will have to pay 50% of the term fee as retake charge.
  • After that with conformation he/she will be able to sit for mid-term and final exam with the following batch.

12. If one get below 60% marks, if he/she will he/she will be continue in next terms but no certificate will be issued.

13. After taking admission if one drop the semester before mid term exam, willing to start from next semester he/she will have to pay half of the term fee in next when he/she will start.

14. After completing a term to enroll in next term one will have compete the registration from.

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